Saturday, 18 March 2017

Latest from the Garden

Plenty of action in the garden and beyond over the last few weeks. As I said last time at least 3 Brambling still coming to the feeders, daily for over a month now. The GS pecker is seen a couple of times a week, nuthatches every other day on average, with a steady flow of all the common tits and finches ensuring I have to fill the feeders up every other day now.
Outside the garden, raptor activity has been increasing, on suitable days buzzards and kites are passing almost every time I look out the window, and just a couple of days ago one red kite passed by my window just about 10 feet away, breathtaking sight.

A sparrowhawk pair have been much more noticeable, the male once seen perched on the back fence, wasn't too bothered about being dive-bombed by a crow but took umbrage when a bus drove past a few feet away, so new to the garden lately have been sparrowhawk and siskin, new to the house list more recently are LBB Gull and Pheasant .

Anyway here's a photographic record of some highlights from the last few weeks :

Birds coming to the feeders often end up having a drink from the water gathered in the conservatory guttering, Ideal for me as it's just outside the studio window, so makes for some decent close-ups (if I can catch the flighty buggers).

Brambling a regular visitor

same bird, different day

and again

great tit
coal tit

Even the local pigeons like a drink, sunnier days make for the best pictures

This pensive greenfinch my favourite so far

Elsewhere in the garden, some decent pics can be had on full zoom if conditions are right

blue tit

one of two jays which came a-visiting

just a record shot (I try to avoid the feeders) of my first
siskin in the garden on the 13th 

Rooks are mysterious birds, nothing out of the ordinary whilst going about their daily business,
but when they just sit there, watching, waiting, staring, and cawing,
they can be a bit sinister.  
In the air the raptors give great entertainment, viewed from the studio window  :
red kite passes a distant copse

red kite as it passes the tree over the road

three common buzzards putting on a display

this one came real close, got it as it banked away 

sparrowhawk pair have become increasingly noticeable
But its not just the birds which provide a spectacle, as my window faces west, the evening sun can give some beautiful atmospherics :


A 'Sun-dog' I believe

Still a few species I need to get decent pictures of, has been a bit dull lately for the most part but I'll keep trying.

Garden list - birds that touch down in the garden - now stands at 23

House list - birds seen from anywhere on the property (mostly the office window) - is now 51

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