Monday, 10 July 2017

Spot Fly

Another disappointing weekend. Saturday morning I tried again to see if any Southern Hawkers were (or had been) emerging from Thornley Woods Pond, with pretty much the same results as last week. Nothing emerging on the day, and not an exuvia to be found.
This can mean one of three things; either they emerged early during the hot spell mid-June and all the exuvia washed into the pond during the torrential rain that followed, or the sudden drop in temperatures following the rains has retarded the emergence.
Time will tell on that one as the third option (that there aren't any this year) doesn't bear thinking about.

On the plus side (as I spent a lot of time wandering the woods), I came across a pair of Spotted Flycatchers, first I've seen here, and rare breeders in Gateshead over the last decade or so.

One of the two spotted flycatchers, not great pics but taken from a safe distance and zoomed in

I next visited Clockburn Lake outlet stream, quite a few blue-tailed damsels here as per usual but too many rampaging dogs around so I cut short my visit, does no-one read the bloody signs?

Practically no dogs are ever on leads, owners frequently let them run into the lake
(even while I'm there trying to take photos) and congratulate them in baby voices
'oooh did diddums get wet then' for example.  

'Oooh are you saying hello to the ducks then'  is another recently heard quote
from some ignorant bint as her mutt scares the ducklings into the 'safety' of the centre
of the pond.

A quick trek along to the 'Bomb site' to check on the demoiselles as the Sun had decided to poke free of the clouds for a while resulted in just two males, but I was only there half an hour and as usual the Sun disappeared practically as soon as I reached the site. A flypast kingfisher was (as always) a treat to see, and a grey wag entertained me for a short while, then it was off home I trotted.

This male Banded demoiselle was slipping and sliding all over the place
when trying to land on the vegetation . . . 

. . . and from this angle you can see why, both his rear legs had been shorn off at the 'knee'
may affect his ability to catch prey but certainly didn't stop him from fighting off
the only other male on site trying to take his territory. 

On the way another couple of Ruptela Longhorn Beetles in the same area as usual, and back at home the few spearheads of Buddleia which have opened have started attracting the butterflies, a Meadow Brown and a Red Admiral being the first two species noted (I think I'll keep a Buddleia list).

Both with different markings again (that's 5 now), especially like the 'Batman' insignia at the top of the one on the left. 

1. Meadow Brown

2. Red Admiral

A better shot of the Red Admiral resting on another plant

Sunday would have been a much better day for dragonhunting, but I spent it in Newcassel at the NE1 motor show, watching Lambos and Astons rather than Lestes and  Aeshnas.

Aston Martin Vanquish, what a handsome beast.

Lamborghini Huracan, nice angles (shame about the colour)

Lambo Aventador, geometric perfection

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - enough to get Miss Funnyfanny's juices flowing

Hoping for better this week, fingers crossed, looks like I'll need it.

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